Founded on the utilization of 15 mineral springs for drinking cures, baths and other spa procedures, the Karlovy Vary spa treatment is being much sought-after by ailing individuals from all over the world to this day. The treatment combines natural medicine with state-of-the-art therapeutic methods. It is indicated primarily to help individuals suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal system, liver, pancreas, or gall bladder diseases, metabolic or neurological disorders, periodontitis, gout, obesity, or diabetes.

In addition, the Karlovy Vary spa treatment has a demonstrable preventative medicine effect.

It aids in the prevention of many civilization diseases, age-related diseases, or post-surgery complications.

Join The Royalty of Europe

If you are a person who’s ready to explore Mother Earth alternative medical approaches and pamper yourself, travel to enchanted central Europe, AND live a wildly abundant life, then Svetlana Senyuk and Diane Hume invite you to join them to discover the European Secret To Good Health Spa Retreat in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.


We will enjoy the health benefits at the place that was founded by a Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV.

Charles IV and his entourage went on a hunting trip in the local forests. The Emperor’s hunting dog was chasing a deer. The hunters suddenly heard the dog wailing, and thinking it had been injured in the chase immediately rushed to the place where the sounds of its barking could be heard. But they could not believe their own eyes when they saw the spectacle before them. The dog had fallen into a boiling pool, at the point where the most abundant geyser now rises – the Vridlo. But rather than being scalded, its wounds were healed. When the Emperor was informed of this, he went to that place and dipped his limbs into water, and his body was miraculously healed. After the water had cured his maladies, he ordered the foundation of a settlement in the area of the spring, and thus began the era of the famous local spa.

When the town was built in 1370, the Emperor granted Karlovy Vary the privileges of a royal town. The name of Charles IV soon attracted the nobility and the wealthy from the surrounding area. Scholars studied the curative composition of the mineral water and then prescribed a treatment.

The traditions of the Karlovy Vary spa treatment, which are more than 600 years old, have been based on the medicinal strengths of these springs. Europeans go there in search of improvement to their health.

Karlovy Vary is a city which combines the unique natural wealth with unique architectural treasures, rich history of the city and of course the conveniences of our modern age.

KARLOVY VARY – THE CITY WHICH WAS CALLED “THE SALONS OF EUROPE”, NOW SPA CITY where hot mineral springs have restored people to health since time immemorial, where famous personalities have met for six centuries.

Karlovy Vary built its stature on its unique spa treatment founded on the exploitation of the local thermal mineral springs that attracted famous personages from all over the world in the past. They included such famous names as

NICOLO PAGANINI (the Italian Violin God) visited Karlovy Vary for his treatment.

GLACOMO CASANOVA (well-known Italian, lover, writer and philosopher, diplomat, freemason and man of wit) visited this lovely spa city.

SIGMUND FREUD (the founder of psychoanalysis) stays in Karlovy Vary five times altogether. Sometimes he visited town with his wife Marta and daughter Sophia.

BEETHOVEN (the famous composer) visited Karlovy Vary twice.

KARL MARX (a philosopher, an economist and a revolutionary) came to Karlovy Vary for treatment with his seriously ill daughter Eleanor, three times. Marx wrote to Friedrich Engels that: “….yet again Karlovy Vary works magic for me.”

Some of the famous North American Stars as Robert de Niro, Robert Redford, Sharon Stone, Leonardo DiCaprio, Antonio Banderas, Mel Gibson, John Travolta amongst others have enjoyed this beautiful spa city.

The beautiful surroundings, the remarkable spa architecture, the wide offer of leisure-time activities, as well as the high standard of tourist-oriented services also contribute to the popularity of the spa town.



This magical place is surrounded by 15 mineral springs for drinking cures, baths and other spa procedures, the Karlovy Vary spa treatment is being much sought-after by ailing individuals from all over the world to this day. The treatment combines natural medicine with state-of-the-art therapeutic methods. It is indicated primarily to help individuals suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal system, liver, pancreas, or gall bladder diseases, metabolic or neurological disorders, periodontitis, gout, obesity, or diabetes.  YOU MUST FOLLOW THE PRESCRIPTION OF THE DOCTORS

The Luxury Spa & Wellness Hotel Prezident


An experienced team of specialists in our balneotherapy, headed by Dr. Milada Sarova, will prepare an individual preventive and curative program for you.

Let yourself be pampered with plenty of wellness and beauty treatments. Relax in the unique Wellness Resort with swimming pools, saunas, fitness center and unique floating-pool with Dead Sea water!

The Hotel Prezident

The Preferred Venue


The Prezident hotel was created thanks to the effort to use the wealth of experience and knowledge of its founder Dr. Milady Sarova in the field of spa treatment. Thanks to her many years of experience, the unique know-how in the prescription of the most optimal form of drinking mineral spring, whose healing power is recognized above all, prefers to be the natural and most natural medicine.

Come and enjoy a unique combination of pure modern design and a friendly family atmosphere, luxury and comfort of hotel rooms, the beauty of rare natural materials such as onyx gems and natural teak. Welcome to Design Boutique Luxury Spa & Wellness Hotel President! Here you will feel at home, whether you come to heal, explore the beauties of the surrounding countryside and play golf.

The modernly equipped spacious rooms and suites of this newly-built, modern hotel in Karlovy Vary offer all comfort, high-speed internet via Wi-Fi and LAN is available in the rooms and throughout the hotel free of charge.

Dr. Milada Sarova is a world-renowned balneology expert, she is a member of many international professional societies and has lectured at many conferences from the USA to Japan. Her important clients included President Václav Havel, President Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, Director Ivan Passer, actors Ben Kingsley, Gerard Depardieu, Josef Somr, Dagmar Havlová, Zuzana Vejvodová, director and photographer Matej Minac, conductor and composer Kryštof Marek, significant musician Josef Vejvoda , the legendary Czech conductor Václav Hybš and a number of daisies.



Dietary Requirements


Guests with diabetes, gluten-free diet, vegetarians, vegans, we are happy to prepare our clients with allergies according to their individual requirements. You are kindly requested to inform us of your special diet requirements when booking your stay.

Healthy Dining Pleasure


A choice of a wide range of main courses and soups, fresh or marinated fish, venison awaits every day. There is also a varied selection of fruits, vegetables and salads. Desserts are prepared in our own patisserie daily, to satisfy discerning palates. Even Deserts are Healthy

Prezidents Kitchen


The aim of the President's kitchen is to promote the beneficial effects of special healing treatments and help you experience and practice a healthy eating style.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in buffet style.

Kick Start Your Medieval Fantasy and explore history

No trip to Czech Republic would be complete without visiting and experiencing authentic Czech Food and dances.

We will visit one of the most famous places in Loket.

Its harsh and yet so romantic atmosphere will breathe on you in our tavern from all sides. No detail has been omitted, as none of the senses. There will be plenty to see, what to listen and most importantly, what to taste. You will be entertained by  dancers, accompanied by contemporary music, wine and beer will flow.

Sightseeing Also Included



Cezky Krumlov

Castle Hluboka



Walking tour in Karlovy Vary


2 Nordic walking tours in Nature


What Else is Included

35 Meals

20 SPA Treatments

13 Nights Accommodations

Flight from Vancouver

Swimming pool, Fitness Room and Sauna

Prescription to Drinking Cure

2 hours Coaching with Amandah

Group Sessions with Amandah

All Transfers

Whats Not Included

  • Alcoholic beverages you purchase at the Villa or at restaurants.
  • Activities during your free time
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, taxis, and tips for spa services or additionally purchased services.
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance (highly recommended!). At a minimum, get trip cancellation insurance.

What price can you put on Health and Wellness?


Hurry, Only 4 seats left.

Regular price is $9,977.00CAD.

This month only,

$6,977.00 CAD Double Occupancy

$7,797.00 CAD Single Occupancy

Invest in Your Health and Well-Being!

Meet Svetlana


to inspire millions of people for Journey to Health, Love and Freedom via Travel.

Well-being Travel Expert, International Retreats Advisor and Educator, Founder/Owner of Maxima Travel. For being in travel business for more than 20 years, I love to help people with their travel arrangements to get to destinations around the world with peace of mind and stress free.

I would love to get your thoughts and feelings about what Wellbeing means to you? To me it is all about Health: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Sexual and Financial. It is all about Love to Yourself and others. It is fun, exciting learning experience and it feels good!


Our services range from airline tickets, cruises, vacations at exotic destinations, family reunions, destination weddings, and other travel services but I always thought about combination travel and wellness. It was somewhere in my heart and I didn’t know where it come from.

Only at the end of 2016 I realized WHY I’m so passionate about Healing Journeys and WHY I truly believe I have to share my experience with the world.

I was 6 years old, when my Dad was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer and a duodenum ulcer. Medications didn’t work, with each day he had more and more pain. Almagel (white liquid) was always near his chair and sofa. He watched TV hugging pillow to his stomach.

My grandmother (she lived with us) told relatives what looks like he is not going to make it. No one knows what to do.

After the realization that nothing is helping, his doctor prescribed medical spa with mineral water. My Dad flew to a well-known place (Essentuki) with thermal mineral waters with a chance and to see, if maybe it can assist with diseases.

After 21 days at the medical spa with drinking mineral water procedures, he felt much better. The next year he went again for 21 days to cure his sickness.

Coming home he felt great and his home doctor discovered that both ulcers were cured. My Dad went to places with thermal mineral water, 6 times in a row, to make sure he would never experience such a bad pain again.

With my Healing Journeys I help people to transform & rejuvenate. In some cases the pain could be reduced or gone completely.


Meet Diane


Life Coach, DreamSculptor™, Hypnotherapist, Timeline Release Therapist

It all started when I was 6 years old and my grandmother was going to be tossed over the railing as my grandfather felt he was being nagged by her about his drinking. He put her down finally as I held my breath. This kept a choking feeling within me until I learned this story through timeline therapy and released it.

After my grandfather drowned years later my grandmother jumped into over helping at our house. At 17 I witnessed so much arguing between my father and grandmother that it almost drove my mother to suicide.   My mother was being pulled apart by my father and grandmother. Even though I know they all loved each other. We moved to a bigger house to accommodate my grandmother hoping this would make things better. WRONG…. We just brought our problems to another house.

I realized this is where NOT living our dreams that are deep within us can be a crisis situation and life can be shortened by disease in the body.  My grandmother died of heart failure.  I witnessed that over helping can actually be a disaster to  family life. Forcing others to feel a certain way because my grandmother continuously stepped in to help, made things worse...  We all know it was out of positive intentions. Perhaps its the feeling of wanting to be needed. However how can over helping cause destruction?   I realized from this story and going to school to become a transformational coach that living our purpose, for self and being whole, complete and then being of service to many is where it is at. This is why our company Dream Receiver Coaching was created. I learned it is about self worth and knowing our value, our identity.  Also about getting clarity on what it is that we really want out of life and then adding our families to our lives and keeping our identity within.


Before creating my coaching business, I worked in IT and direct sales for over 20 years. As a successful sales consultant in a leadership role, I knew how important it was to show my team they were valued - by treating them with respect, communicating with integrity, encouraging them to take risks, and providing them with individual guidance. I loved watching so many of these individuals transform and become leaders themselves.

When I left the direct sales business out of guilt after my father died I realized that I started to get into that downward spiral of over helping my family. I was looking at how I could help my husband do his business, how I could over help my son with his homework or clean up my daughters room only to have her homework misplaced.  I started to see a pattern from my past where over helping was not making my family stronger.  I look back now and I feel like I was pulling weeds out where they may have been seeds of learning that were suppose to turn into beautiful blossoms. It wasn’t until I let go and didn’t push my advise on my family and focused on my purpose outside of the family that my life was enhanced not just for me but for many and the family.

I realized my purpose - and passion - was to guide others to believe in their dreams and transform their lives. I believe that by following my dream being of service to others with love, trust, and passion, everything we need - and want - flows towards us.

And it does flow for me, my clients and my family, friends... because I was open to receiving and aligned with my dreams, opportunities for growth and meaningful connections with wonderful, inspiring people flowed continuously into my life. Now I help many to create a sense of clarity, create a plan to get there and action while removing blocks so my students can step into their greatness and be the change they want to see for their family and friends and their world and the outside world.

Our Core Values

Commitment to Well-Being

Making health my priority and always take responsibility for every moment and choice.

Respect People

Respect people and their property for the individuals that they are.

Travel for Freedom

Always looking for combination of travel with health components in it, authentic and natural experience.


Doing the right things, at the right time, all the time.

Commitment to Excellence

Never compromising on quality and always striving to improve in every way.

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